Smartphone, necessity or luxury?

Before I start talking, I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I am very pleased with it and I absolutely do not regret the decision to switch to Android again. I say to switch to android again because before it I was an iphone user for two years and at first I was pleased but over time my review would be: “not such a good choice”. I had until the note8 an iphone 6s: design and functions, even ok. What caused me to move from iOS to Android were those from apple (the only iOS distributors). The operating system itself (IOS) is very stable and you can do quite a lot (here depends on who is using it) but having the phone for almost 2 years and being my longest lasting phone, I decided to change it so I waited for the new iPhone.

Iphone 7, a 6s with few improvements and slightly changed design, was probably a kind of Dacia 1300 and Dacia 1310. I said “nope” because I felt newer phone is needed and decided to wait for the new Iphone 8.

Iphone 8, a disappointment just like its predecessor, we basically have 6, 6s iPhone, 7, 8 ie 4 phones over x years (I do not know exactly how many), theoretically we have the same phone with small improvements every time. The only different one was iPhone X but for me personally  it was a disappointment. Apart from the iPhone 4s and 6s which I owned and even liked, I personally would not try others in the iPhone range.

So I decided to go back to Samsung again and once again I’m very satisfied, more complex, much better quality, I’m no longer limited as I was with the iPhone, and every year I have new models with new functions, that is, other smartphones.

What phone do you use and why? I’m waiting for your comments!