I will try (I promise nothing) to make at least one review of a movie / serial weekly. So without much talk … we go directly to a series which in my opinion is in the top 3, namely Narcos.

If you are the kind who likes action movies, cartels, mafia, drugs, and other derivatives, you are my guest to look at Narcos. The action of the series takes place in the 90’s on Colombia. The main actor is Pablo Escobar, followed by two US CIA agents who are trying to capture him at any price. I do not want to offer a spoiler but I am 99.9% convinced that you know that the main actor, namely Pablo Escobar, dies at the end of the 3rd season and in the 4th is the war between the remaining cartels.

Moreover, I invite you to watch the series that is 100% exciting if you fit into the above description, and I hope the series will continue with the famous Mexican still alive, El Chapo.