My first post

As the title says it, this is my first post on my official blog.

The story began long since I discovered other parts of the internet than Counter Strike, Dota and other online games (Dota I still play from time to time as a gamer). I started quite easily I can say with sites created by Site Buildings, progressing towards getting knowledge at a medium level in php, html, ps and I could list more but I find it useless.

Why did I make this blog? Probably You who are reading these lines now ask what it was like in my head to make a blog when there are hundreds, thousands, millions or more I don’t know how many. I did it because I want to talk publicly about some news on the internet, reviews, tell some stories of my life that I have lived and which I would like to share with everyone. I really want to interact with my readers and listen or even publicize other happenings that others have experienced either fun or anything good that you could learn something about.

It’s an intro too long already and I do not want you to get bored, so I’ll let you, the one reading my first post on this blog to discover the rest of the stories.