London UK CBC

London, a place of opportunity, and here we also include the college that makes at least 50% of Romanians, either for money or for studies. If you are one of the Romanians who still do not know what I am talking about, let me briefly explain: You enroll in college, follow it for 2 years, apply for student finance or mantaineance loan as they call it, get a minimum 11k dollars a year and a diploma every year. It’s true, you have to meet certain criteria, have a presence and work. Going past technical details, maybe you’re wondering what the picture above is …

The picture above is made from the UKCBC college window of the Ilford Hills. How did I get a picture from there and why did I just leave the picture? The story starts simple, I wanted to do college because it does not spoil 2 extra diplomas and especially 22k pounds. I started in August 2017 the first enrollment at lcca college in Holborn, tests, roads, long expectations and finally I was accepted student finance approved but the surprise was that I opted for 4 days a week in the afternoon and I was enrolled at 2 days a week full time, which confuses me a little, I work from Monday to Friday. It was not my mistake, I was guided by an agency where I was told they had the option 4 days a week and in reality it was time lost, roads and so on. The only option was to wait until February for the next session but I opted for another college. The same story with roads, tests, expectations but this time I was NOT accepted. Why have I been not accepted? Very simple! At the last college interview, I was asked if I faced college and I was like a fool that I am, which was obviously a big mistake. Of course, in a few hours I received a nice mail in which they praised me that I was “overqualified” and I cannot do the school even though I did the faculty in Romania and not here. After other attempts to change the overqualified decision I chose only one thing, namely, the picture from the beginning.

Now all I have to do is wait again for the next session in April that I hope not to miss it and wait for other months and make other roads and lose some time. If you want to join the school in London or any other UK city, try to keep in mind to follow the following personal tips:

-You did not do school anymore, you’re poor and you did not have the opportunity

– Just remember how much you can impress them

-Tell and inform yourself before choosing a college (how far are you, how many days you have to go, etc.)

Good information relieves you of what I was experiencing, for more information or queries, I’m waiting for your comment below.