Living in London

What does Life in London mean? For those who still have the impression that in London and other countries or capitals there is only milk and honey… you are wrong. Let me expose few words about London because I have been living here for 3 years and I think I am able to give my opinion about this wonderful and mysterious capital. First of all, what bothers me personally and I think everyone here, is Time. Time is precious and you cannot buy it, you cannot bring it back from anywhere so take advantage of it. Why do I say  “time”? I go to work for 8 hours and half an hour (officially) and then go home (07: 00 – 15:30). You would say it’s okay to finish at 15:30 but in Romania it may be good, here NOT. Returning to the subject, at 3:35 pm I left work and it takes one hour and 10, 20 minutes to arrive home this in a good case. I go home, take a shower, eat, play a FIFA or DOTA and when I look at my watch it is already 21:00  so… the day was gone. If I have to go to a store or let’s say to the barber shop, you already lost the part playing at home.

Another cause that slows you down, your dream of staying in London, is the expensive life and money. I know that many of your friends come to Romania on holidays and start telling you how they live in London and how they make at least 5000 per month and how everything is cheap, you get your car easy, find work easy and without English and so on. Wrong! It’s totally wrong, because it’s not like that … many boast in vain or boast about 1,500 a month what is ok in Romania and you think you could raise money to do something. Maybe it’s true, your “1500 friend” has that money, but in many cases before taxes, let’s say he’s got 1300 after taxes and then he has to pay: rent, transport, food, various subscriptions, and the rest depending on each person . After paying everything I said above, you probably still have 500 in your hand but you might also willing to go for a coffee, buy a coat, and at the end of the day you forget that you have nothing left or maybe 100 -200 that you could have in your country and you were no longer a thousand miles away. Now I do not want to disappoint and say they all do the same, it is true that there are many Romanians who still stay with over 2000 after spendings and who are doing well, but at the same time there are many who come and after a few months they go because they can’t handle it here.

For those who go home and praise that they have tens of thousands of pounds, do not lie because you give hope for some people who really want to come here and leave everything they have in the country for a disappointment. For those who want to come to London, tell them well, very well, if you really want to help a friend, and say exactly what the help is, how expensive is your life and what you can do best with the knowledge they have regarding English language skills, this is what I am willing to happen, let’s help each other and come up with realistic information.