Live streaming on facebook…

Since gasoline has risen and the salary has fallen, the world does not have the money to get out of the house … Not a juice, not a coffee, a movie or a theater, no more gatherings. People do not go out into town or out of town, but instead people stay on facebook and stream live shows worse than Salam at weddings.

How long have I been interested in “Nina Mondiala” or “Gabi Spaniolu? (invented names, if they exist, change the name). I know the world will say to me, “Are you forced to look?”And my answer is clear and outspoken YES! . A great one because you are spamming your facebook with your live shows, we are enrolled as any normal person who has Facebook in some personal interest groups, and without wanting to see a live stream from one person it gets distributed in thousands of groups. Before you saw a live stream from a guy who went to a festival in another country where everyone has no access, a live from an interesting place, but now all the sad people are in the kitchen, they pull 3 hours of coffee and 4 cigarettes, but they are big stars in live streaming and open their suitcases to thousands of distributions and sing about hell knows how many likes and distributions.

Let’s make a special group of live streaming only and try to push them somewhere, or to vote to limit the number of lives a day, not to live stream more than 5 minutes and test anything that’s possible just to get rid of the “stupidity” which consists of making 10 live shows for nothing daily, is too much for me and I’m convinced that for many. Let’s let the celebrities make live shows, let Salam play live, and you who live in a room while you do nothing for 2-3 hours, stay well and you’ll see “with live without live, the pumpkin seeds have the same taste”.

PS: Specifically, this post is satirical, if you are bother, upset and you can not ignore it as a civilized person, you know you are part of the above-mentioned category. Thank you