Let the DJ do his job

I have a little question for amateur “party organizers” but I have also seen it at organizers of pro events. Why not let the DJ do his job? If you’re so safe / secure, your list of songs will work, why do you still call DJ’s at your event? You just take a laptop or a phone, mp3 player, anything, and make your basic playlist, and solve the party at no cost. I met many people at parties that have a preset list of songs they want and at what times. Okay, I understand when you have an opening song, cake song and what other songs might you have for different times, but do not make me to play the whole list of songs because after that I have nothing to do. And I would not have a problem if the songs would be ok but most are bad and the timing also, not to mention the invited people, they will look weird to me believing I’m putting those songs.

At most organizers I explain them before, clear to understand (most understand after a while): let me do my job that’s why I’m paid, and if you have favorite songs, you tell them and I’ll put them at the right time (when I’m on that kind, when it’s the same pace, etc.). Do you think your songs get better than what a DJ can do with a few years of music and party background? I tell you, NO! In 90% of cases, the songs are dust, and out of 50 people let’s say, 2-3 get really tuned in. Why would I let that few guys have fun and  the rest 47 to sit down by wounding me? That’s one of the reasons I have when I first explain it the nice way to organizers and make them understand (not that after waiting for them to say it was bad but they would resonate after they’ve been drinking a little…). So I just put it as it is (songs), just air the playlist but I am 95 % sure the people will not react ok. Most of what I said, some understand, but there are those who do not really understand and think that I’m just saying it because I have nothing else to do than simply just supporting my idea. I give them a second hour to see that I’m not willing to be rude, I do not want to put their songs and then they come to me with the “tail between their legs” and say, “Do what you want, you’re the expert”. Ladies / Gentlemen, if you are a let’s say fans of Fuego, it does not mean that all your guests are Fuego fans and they will dance non-stop, so let the DJ do his job!

In the above image, you can see what a successful party looks like and so I want them all without exception. I consider that an event (baptism / wedding / anything) is unique in life and maybe some do not have the chance of a 2nd event, so I prefer to do something special for each one so that at the end the joy is guaranteed and the people have fun and feel how I put my soul into the whole thing.

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