It is snowing (“we didn’t expect it”)

It seems again that the authorities are taken by surprise by the snowfall. I do not understand how, why, and they still think that all the population is bad and no one realizes? Well how can you appear as a mayor or a public authority and declare that we did not expect to snow, took us by surprise! Really ? That’s what the weather forecast means, they are just transmitting it to be an extra broadcast and earning some honest money?

Apart from the weather broadcast from live television, I think they have better sources of information, and besides that … we are in January brother, that is if I see snow in August after a day when it was 35 degrees, I really understand you, you are taken by surprise, that is, who expects to be in the summer, but in the conditions we are in January and you are still overwhelmed as authority, as a state, as to what you are there this being your actual  job… I find it awkward.