How To Get Good Grades In Any School Or College


Hi In this blog I am going to share my personal experience of how to become an intelligent student in collage or school here are few tips that I followed and got success…

1-first of all you need to make a schedule, i.e. how will you spend your day, definitely not waste your precious time playing games and in other useless activities.

2-If you can’t sit on you study table and study for a long period of time…you should study for less time but with full concentration.

3-If you are not a sharp student i.e. your brain is not sharp then you should try eating dry fruits and healthy food. marks my words sitting ideal at home and neither playing physical games nor studying is not going to work…playing physical games is as important as study they are both essential components for becoming a good sharp minded student.

4-Good behavior with you parents and class teacher is very important if you don’t treat your teacher well you will get the same behavior from them. always try to become a good student of you teacher.
5-Friends play an important role in the personality of a person i.e. if your friends are good and intelligent you will also be good and intelligent so try to keep good friends.

6-If you are a teenager there is 100% possibility that you will unlike what your parents says….this is natural teenagers do have a short temper specially in case when there parents starts there lectures….if you parents are asking you to do something you don’t like is very important for you to do….they have got through the same period and they don’t want you to commit the same mistake they did when they were at your age.

7-Last but not the least “take it easy” this bad period you think you are going through will be over
and then you will regret…the things you parents asked you to do but you didn’t listened to them…please don’t waste your time and future be a good son and a students.

thanks for reading…..