Dancing at parties

From “what we’ve seen at parties”, today I present the Dancing. What can I say about dancing? Besides making popular dances at the age of 13-14, they are dust, powder and other derivatives. I’m a DJ for years, but dance is not an asset of mine, I prefer to “put” the music and do not dance it, but at the same time I know in theory how a good or acceptable dance should look like. I meet at parties all kinds of dancers who divide into 3 large and wide categories: Poor, Good, Very good. The person I’m about to tell today (it would not be specific whether it was a man or a woman, we leave the mystery because it’s not known who reads my blog and I would not bother anyone in any way) let’s say it falls in the category of 40 years old and up to this age either he did not find the way how to dance at this party, or it was the same at any party and I think that the way he moves is also described in everyday life.

As I said, I’m not a great dancer, but this person moves so slowly as an elephant dancing the macaroni (and no, it was not fat). The first time I thought she had some illness or had a swim program the next day … let’s say we number the song and it sounds like this: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8… theoretically you get at least one figure, but not the person in question, it was 1.5-2.34-3.48… in a word it was disaster and here we are talking about dance / commercial music. At traditional music we would say it was better, it twitched twice in a minute and gave in but in the rest it was… ok. Still, nothing to say, for my sake! The person had fun from start to finish without worrying that someone laughs at her. I very much appreciate such people, much more than those who know how to dance at a professional level because here is the attitude. The genre of the person mentioned above had a normal, smiling, fun attitude, but some PRO dancers have a mini-god attitude. I’m sure you saw them too! It’s like those who sit at the table until the middle of the party (you see, they do not get tired of dancing down below their humble rank) and when they dance up in the middle of the party, of course pray and shout at other guests, parents, ladies, etc. that they are in the way: ”let me show you how to do it!”  They start off like “pros”  and after dancing (good) trying to stay in the spotlight and trying to humiliate the weaker dancers. No, it’s not like this, it’s embarrassing, looks a little demoted and has fun if you’re in the mood without humiliating people who are less equipped in the art of dancing.

Finally, if you are weak at dancing for various reasons… Congratulations! Try to have fun as you know best and as you can because you do it well, in the morning you wake up with muscle fever and pleasant memories. The other one, that arrogant, professional, leaves the faces and does the same as above, and even tries to teach it and you can have fun as well. You! the one reading now, in what category do you belong? leave a comment below!