Baptism (party) must be done

Baptism must be done, or even better said, the baptismal party must be done, this has been shown to me by a couple who, without judging them, were not very prepared. The action was happening last year at the time, I was called for baptism as a DJ, somewhere outside of London on a stadium or a sports base. Do not think of the stadium itself, as any sporting base that is respected has a multi-room building. Our event took place in a conference room with 20 guests, home-cooked food and microwave, 4 bottles of wine made in the house and I think 2 boxes of 24 bottles of beers at 0.33. There were many questions in my head, but the most important thing was: why didn’t you wait until you make some money … do a restaurant and be okay … Another thing I noticed at that party, I mean, the godparents had money and probably more than their young parents wanted (they both came with one car each and both cars were quite new BMWs) and even the godparents paid for the DJ (that is for me) all the godparents bought where 2 bottles of jack but this big bottles and after they got a little drunk they had another few drinks.

Now I sit and think again, why do some people keep baptism if they are financially unstable and baptism or that party means far beyond their financial capabilities? It is probably that stupidity induced by family members: “You have to baptize, if not the world will laughs at us, what will people say if you don’t organize a party?”. Why are some parents struggling with this thing? I am not a fan of extravagance and I am not saying that I wouldn’t like to do a 10-star hotel in Dubai, but I would not even want to make an improvised table with meals as it once was in the village cottages once. Personally, I would expect it if I needed it, but I would make a restaurant (just fine), with a small circle of friends and not too much headaches. For me personally that party was successful, people were surprised by the music and especially to see me there as a DJ (I forgot to mention that it was a surprise from the godparents) because they had 2 personal speakers, a phone or a laptop and that’s it. That’s what it was there, it was something for them thinking like it would be organized at home at a barbecue.

Finally, it’s not my problem and I do not have to judge anyone, it was a personal opinion or just an opinion, but it’s not the first time I get a case, I have more knowledge in the field that has hit the situation, and if you are one of the people who are rushing to make a party like… maybe I gave you a thought and you will want to wait a while longer.