Asia’s Best Restaurant


For the second year in succession, Bangkok’s own particular Gaggan — helmed by Indian-conceived culinary specialist Gaggan Anand

Tokyo’s cutting edge French eatery Quintessence caught the “Most astounding Climber Award,” rising from number 49 a year ago to number 20 for 2016. Additionally making a great jump this year: The top-positioned eatery in India, New Delhi’s Indian Accent, bounced from number 22 a year ago to snatch the number nine space. The “Most elevated New Entry Award” went to Mingles in Seoul, which made its 50 Best introduction at number 15. 

Here are the Asia’s Best Restaurant 

Gaggan (Thailand) :

Gaggan Anand’s ripe creative ability and culinary mind are played out in a protracted yet dependably fun tasting menu which adjusts the depth of Indian road sustenance with hyper-cutting edge cooking strategies to unrivaled impact. 

The dinner commences with a progression of snacks including keema samosa, onion pakoda and afterward splendidly rethought. Further along the night’s high-octane culinary voyage you’ll discover dishes entitled

Is it truly the Best Restaurant in Asia? As per the 300 or more voters, yes! Gaggan is limit pushing yet never excessively genuine: an eatery where fun eating is taken to another level, however not to the detriment of taste or method. 

Narisawa (Japan) :

Culinary specialist Yoshihiro Narisawa is a pioneer in the realm of Japanese cooking, taking a food heated in custom and applying new systems learned through experience and years working with top gourmet experts crosswise over Europe. 


Narisawa-san was conceived in the Chita landmass in Aichi prefecture, 380km south of Tokyo. His granddad ran a Japanese sweet shop, his dad a western one, and the family home was a position of the freshest produce – drain and eggs were conveyed direct from neighborhood homesteads to their entryway every day. It was from this youth that the cook built up his yearning to know the substance of the cultivator behind every fixing, and he keeps on supporting neighborhood makers right up ’til today. 

Eatery André (Singapore) :

Octaphilosophy is proprietor cook André Chiang’s arrangement of controlling standards, fixated on eight qualities he regards crucial to the eatery’s DNA: extraordinary, unadulterated, surface, memory, salt, south, artisan and terroir.Chiang conveys to his work the captivating point of view of Taiwanese legacy, Japanese youth, French preparing and a Singaporean setting, so his scope is wide. 

A boldest aspect concerning André is its all-characteristic wine approach; in case you’re doing the coordinated pairings, the sommeliers just uncover the personality of each pour after every course, leaving burger joints to evaluate the nature of every drop without their desires being molded by what’s on the mark. 

Amber (China) :

In spite of the fact that Dutch-conceived cook executive Richard Ekkebus sets the culinary dial immovably to Western, he profits by his area in one of the world’s awesome ports to get to fine fixings from all over Asia and in addition Europe and Australia, making an interesting food confined by elegant Eastern service.Hong Kong is by a few measures now the wine-exchanging focus of the world, and Amber is very much set to benefit as much as possible from it. John Chan, a standout amongst the most regarded sommeliers in Asia, supervises a rundown of 1,100 names. 

Nihonryori RyuGin (Japan) :

Gourmet specialist Seiji Yamamoto weds Japan’s kaiseki custom with a style and sensibility that is both contemporary and very available, notwithstanding for those meeting Tokyo surprisingly. 

A couple words on the gourmet specialist: for a long time, Yamamoto prepared under one of Japan’s most venerated culinary specialists, Hirohisa Koyama of Aoyagi eatery. In the wake of opening Nihonryori RyuGin in 2003, he picked up praise for his utilization of innovator procedures. Nowadays his methodology is more conventional however dependably with an accentuation on premium fish and create at the pinnacle of its season. 

The menu at Nihonryori RyuGin changes always to mirror each new season.Signature dishes incorporate ‘A Message from the Coast of Japan’ and ‘Sanuki Wagyu Beef and Matsutake Mushrooms in Toban Sukiyaki.’