Living in London

What does Life in London mean? For those who still have the impression that in London and other countries or capitals there is only milk and honey… you are wrong. Let me expose few words about London because I have been living here for 3 years and I think I am able to give my opinion about this wonderful and mysterious capital. First of all, what bothers me personally and I think everyone here, is Time. Time is precious and you cannot buy it, you cannot bring it back from anywhere so take advantage of it. Why do I say  “time”? I go to work for 8 hours and half an hour (officially) and then go home (07: 00 – 15:30). You would say it’s okay to finish at 15:30 but in Romania it may be good, here NOT. Returning to the subject, at 3:35 pm I left work and it takes one hour and 10, 20 minutes to arrive home this in a good case. I go home, take a shower, eat, play a FIFA or DOTA and when I look at my watch it is already 21:00  so… the day was gone. If I have to go to a store or let’s say to the barber shop, you already lost the part playing at home.

Another cause that slows you down, your dream of staying in London, is the expensive life and money. I know that many of your friends come to Romania on holidays and start telling you how they live in London and how they make at least 5000 per month and how everything is cheap, you get your car easy, find work easy and without English and so on. Wrong! It’s totally wrong, because it’s not like that … many boast in vain or boast about 1,500 a month what is ok in Romania and you think you could raise money to do something. Maybe it’s true, your “1500 friend” has that money, but in many cases before taxes, let’s say he’s got 1300 after taxes and then he has to pay: rent, transport, food, various subscriptions, and the rest depending on each person . After paying everything I said above, you probably still have 500 in your hand but you might also willing to go for a coffee, buy a coat, and at the end of the day you forget that you have nothing left or maybe 100 -200 that you could have in your country and you were no longer a thousand miles away. Now I do not want to disappoint and say they all do the same, it is true that there are many Romanians who still stay with over 2000 after spendings and who are doing well, but at the same time there are many who come and after a few months they go because they can’t handle it here.

For those who go home and praise that they have tens of thousands of pounds, do not lie because you give hope for some people who really want to come here and leave everything they have in the country for a disappointment. For those who want to come to London, tell them well, very well, if you really want to help a friend, and say exactly what the help is, how expensive is your life and what you can do best with the knowledge they have regarding English language skills, this is what I am willing to happen, let’s help each other and come up with realistic information.

Let the DJ do his job

I have a little question for amateur “party organizers” but I have also seen it at organizers of pro events. Why not let the DJ do his job? If you’re so safe / secure, your list of songs will work, why do you still call DJ’s at your event? You just take a laptop or a phone, mp3 player, anything, and make your basic playlist, and solve the party at no cost. I met many people at parties that have a preset list of songs they want and at what times. Okay, I understand when you have an opening song, cake song and what other songs might you have for different times, but do not make me to play the whole list of songs because after that I have nothing to do. And I would not have a problem if the songs would be ok but most are bad and the timing also, not to mention the invited people, they will look weird to me believing I’m putting those songs.

At most organizers I explain them before, clear to understand (most understand after a while): let me do my job that’s why I’m paid, and if you have favorite songs, you tell them and I’ll put them at the right time (when I’m on that kind, when it’s the same pace, etc.). Do you think your songs get better than what a DJ can do with a few years of music and party background? I tell you, NO! In 90% of cases, the songs are dust, and out of 50 people let’s say, 2-3 get really tuned in. Why would I let that few guys have fun and  the rest 47 to sit down by wounding me? That’s one of the reasons I have when I first explain it the nice way to organizers and make them understand (not that after waiting for them to say it was bad but they would resonate after they’ve been drinking a little…). So I just put it as it is (songs), just air the playlist but I am 95 % sure the people will not react ok. Most of what I said, some understand, but there are those who do not really understand and think that I’m just saying it because I have nothing else to do than simply just supporting my idea. I give them a second hour to see that I’m not willing to be rude, I do not want to put their songs and then they come to me with the “tail between their legs” and say, “Do what you want, you’re the expert”. Ladies / Gentlemen, if you are a let’s say fans of Fuego, it does not mean that all your guests are Fuego fans and they will dance non-stop, so let the DJ do his job!

In the above image, you can see what a successful party looks like and so I want them all without exception. I consider that an event (baptism / wedding / anything) is unique in life and maybe some do not have the chance of a 2nd event, so I prefer to do something special for each one so that at the end the joy is guaranteed and the people have fun and feel how I put my soul into the whole thing.

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Baptism (party) must be done

Baptism must be done, or even better said, the baptismal party must be done, this has been shown to me by a couple who, without judging them, were not very prepared. The action was happening last year at the time, I was called for baptism as a DJ, somewhere outside of London on a stadium or a sports base. Do not think of the stadium itself, as any sporting base that is respected has a multi-room building. Our event took place in a conference room with 20 guests, home-cooked food and microwave, 4 bottles of wine made in the house and I think 2 boxes of 24 bottles of beers at 0.33. There were many questions in my head, but the most important thing was: why didn’t you wait until you make some money … do a restaurant and be okay … Another thing I noticed at that party, I mean, the godparents had money and probably more than their young parents wanted (they both came with one car each and both cars were quite new BMWs) and even the godparents paid for the DJ (that is for me) all the godparents bought where 2 bottles of jack but this big bottles and after they got a little drunk they had another few drinks.

Now I sit and think again, why do some people keep baptism if they are financially unstable and baptism or that party means far beyond their financial capabilities? It is probably that stupidity induced by family members: “You have to baptize, if not the world will laughs at us, what will people say if you don’t organize a party?”. Why are some parents struggling with this thing? I am not a fan of extravagance and I am not saying that I wouldn’t like to do a 10-star hotel in Dubai, but I would not even want to make an improvised table with meals as it once was in the village cottages once. Personally, I would expect it if I needed it, but I would make a restaurant (just fine), with a small circle of friends and not too much headaches. For me personally that party was successful, people were surprised by the music and especially to see me there as a DJ (I forgot to mention that it was a surprise from the godparents) because they had 2 personal speakers, a phone or a laptop and that’s it. That’s what it was there, it was something for them thinking like it would be organized at home at a barbecue.

Finally, it’s not my problem and I do not have to judge anyone, it was a personal opinion or just an opinion, but it’s not the first time I get a case, I have more knowledge in the field that has hit the situation, and if you are one of the people who are rushing to make a party like… maybe I gave you a thought and you will want to wait a while longer.

London UK CBC

London, a place of opportunity, and here we also include the college that makes at least 50% of Romanians, either for money or for studies. If you are one of the Romanians who still do not know what I am talking about, let me briefly explain: You enroll in college, follow it for 2 years, apply for student finance or mantaineance loan as they call it, get a minimum 11k dollars a year and a diploma every year. It’s true, you have to meet certain criteria, have a presence and work. Going past technical details, maybe you’re wondering what the picture above is …

The picture above is made from the UKCBC college window of the Ilford Hills. How did I get a picture from there and why did I just leave the picture? The story starts simple, I wanted to do college because it does not spoil 2 extra diplomas and especially 22k pounds. I started in August 2017 the first enrollment at lcca college in Holborn, tests, roads, long expectations and finally I was accepted student finance approved but the surprise was that I opted for 4 days a week in the afternoon and I was enrolled at 2 days a week full time, which confuses me a little, I work from Monday to Friday. It was not my mistake, I was guided by an agency where I was told they had the option 4 days a week and in reality it was time lost, roads and so on. The only option was to wait until February for the next session but I opted for another college. The same story with roads, tests, expectations but this time I was NOT accepted. Why have I been not accepted? Very simple! At the last college interview, I was asked if I faced college and I was like a fool that I am, which was obviously a big mistake. Of course, in a few hours I received a nice mail in which they praised me that I was “overqualified” and I cannot do the school even though I did the faculty in Romania and not here. After other attempts to change the overqualified decision I chose only one thing, namely, the picture from the beginning.

Now all I have to do is wait again for the next session in April that I hope not to miss it and wait for other months and make other roads and lose some time. If you want to join the school in London or any other UK city, try to keep in mind to follow the following personal tips:

-You did not do school anymore, you’re poor and you did not have the opportunity

– Just remember how much you can impress them

-Tell and inform yourself before choosing a college (how far are you, how many days you have to go, etc.)

Good information relieves you of what I was experiencing, for more information or queries, I’m waiting for your comment below.

Dancing at parties

From “what we’ve seen at parties”, today I present the Dancing. What can I say about dancing? Besides making popular dances at the age of 13-14, they are dust, powder and other derivatives. I’m a DJ for years, but dance is not an asset of mine, I prefer to “put” the music and do not dance it, but at the same time I know in theory how a good or acceptable dance should look like. I meet at parties all kinds of dancers who divide into 3 large and wide categories: Poor, Good, Very good. The person I’m about to tell today (it would not be specific whether it was a man or a woman, we leave the mystery because it’s not known who reads my blog and I would not bother anyone in any way) let’s say it falls in the category of 40 years old and up to this age either he did not find the way how to dance at this party, or it was the same at any party and I think that the way he moves is also described in everyday life.

As I said, I’m not a great dancer, but this person moves so slowly as an elephant dancing the macaroni (and no, it was not fat). The first time I thought she had some illness or had a swim program the next day … let’s say we number the song and it sounds like this: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8… theoretically you get at least one figure, but not the person in question, it was 1.5-2.34-3.48… in a word it was disaster and here we are talking about dance / commercial music. At traditional music we would say it was better, it twitched twice in a minute and gave in but in the rest it was… ok. Still, nothing to say, for my sake! The person had fun from start to finish without worrying that someone laughs at her. I very much appreciate such people, much more than those who know how to dance at a professional level because here is the attitude. The genre of the person mentioned above had a normal, smiling, fun attitude, but some PRO dancers have a mini-god attitude. I’m sure you saw them too! It’s like those who sit at the table until the middle of the party (you see, they do not get tired of dancing down below their humble rank) and when they dance up in the middle of the party, of course pray and shout at other guests, parents, ladies, etc. that they are in the way: ”let me show you how to do it!”  They start off like “pros”  and after dancing (good) trying to stay in the spotlight and trying to humiliate the weaker dancers. No, it’s not like this, it’s embarrassing, looks a little demoted and has fun if you’re in the mood without humiliating people who are less equipped in the art of dancing.

Finally, if you are weak at dancing for various reasons… Congratulations! Try to have fun as you know best and as you can because you do it well, in the morning you wake up with muscle fever and pleasant memories. The other one, that arrogant, professional, leaves the faces and does the same as above, and even tries to teach it and you can have fun as well. You! the one reading now, in what category do you belong? leave a comment below!

Live streaming on facebook…

Since gasoline has risen and the salary has fallen, the world does not have the money to get out of the house … Not a juice, not a coffee, a movie or a theater, no more gatherings. People do not go out into town or out of town, but instead people stay on facebook and stream live shows worse than Salam at weddings.

How long have I been interested in “Nina Mondiala” or “Gabi Spaniolu? (invented names, if they exist, change the name). I know the world will say to me, “Are you forced to look?”And my answer is clear and outspoken YES! . A great one because you are spamming your facebook with your live shows, we are enrolled as any normal person who has Facebook in some personal interest groups, and without wanting to see a live stream from one person it gets distributed in thousands of groups. Before you saw a live stream from a guy who went to a festival in another country where everyone has no access, a live from an interesting place, but now all the sad people are in the kitchen, they pull 3 hours of coffee and 4 cigarettes, but they are big stars in live streaming and open their suitcases to thousands of distributions and sing about hell knows how many likes and distributions.

Let’s make a special group of live streaming only and try to push them somewhere, or to vote to limit the number of lives a day, not to live stream more than 5 minutes and test anything that’s possible just to get rid of the “stupidity” which consists of making 10 live shows for nothing daily, is too much for me and I’m convinced that for many. Let’s let the celebrities make live shows, let Salam play live, and you who live in a room while you do nothing for 2-3 hours, stay well and you’ll see “with live without live, the pumpkin seeds have the same taste”.

PS: Specifically, this post is satirical, if you are bother, upset and you can not ignore it as a civilized person, you know you are part of the above-mentioned category. Thank you

Smartphone, necessity or luxury?

Before I start talking, I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I am very pleased with it and I absolutely do not regret the decision to switch to Android again. I say to switch to android again because before it I was an iphone user for two years and at first I was pleased but over time my review would be: “not such a good choice”. I had until the note8 an iphone 6s: design and functions, even ok. What caused me to move from iOS to Android were those from apple (the only iOS distributors). The operating system itself (IOS) is very stable and you can do quite a lot (here depends on who is using it) but having the phone for almost 2 years and being my longest lasting phone, I decided to change it so I waited for the new iPhone.

Iphone 7, a 6s with few improvements and slightly changed design, was probably a kind of Dacia 1300 and Dacia 1310. I said “nope” because I felt newer phone is needed and decided to wait for the new Iphone 8.

Iphone 8, a disappointment just like its predecessor, we basically have 6, 6s iPhone, 7, 8 ie 4 phones over x years (I do not know exactly how many), theoretically we have the same phone with small improvements every time. The only different one was iPhone X but for me personally  it was a disappointment. Apart from the iPhone 4s and 6s which I owned and even liked, I personally would not try others in the iPhone range.

So I decided to go back to Samsung again and once again I’m very satisfied, more complex, much better quality, I’m no longer limited as I was with the iPhone, and every year I have new models with new functions, that is, other smartphones.

What phone do you use and why? I’m waiting for your comments!

It is snowing (“we didn’t expect it”)

It seems again that the authorities are taken by surprise by the snowfall. I do not understand how, why, and they still think that all the population is bad and no one realizes? Well how can you appear as a mayor or a public authority and declare that we did not expect to snow, took us by surprise! Really ? That’s what the weather forecast means, they are just transmitting it to be an extra broadcast and earning some honest money?

Apart from the weather broadcast from live television, I think they have better sources of information, and besides that … we are in January brother, that is if I see snow in August after a day when it was 35 degrees, I really understand you, you are taken by surprise, that is, who expects to be in the summer, but in the conditions we are in January and you are still overwhelmed as authority, as a state, as to what you are there this being your actual  job… I find it awkward.


I will try (I promise nothing) to make at least one review of a movie / serial weekly. So without much talk … we go directly to a series which in my opinion is in the top 3, namely Narcos.

If you are the kind who likes action movies, cartels, mafia, drugs, and other derivatives, you are my guest to look at Narcos. The action of the series takes place in the 90’s on Colombia. The main actor is Pablo Escobar, followed by two US CIA agents who are trying to capture him at any price. I do not want to offer a spoiler but I am 99.9% convinced that you know that the main actor, namely Pablo Escobar, dies at the end of the 3rd season and in the 4th is the war between the remaining cartels.

Moreover, I invite you to watch the series that is 100% exciting if you fit into the above description, and I hope the series will continue with the famous Mexican still alive, El Chapo.

Romanians in London

I tell you from the beginning that I am NOT racist, I have nothing with Moldavians or Bucovinians (I understand there are big differences between them). After I specified this and everything was well understood, let me tell you how it goes:

As I said in another post, during weekends I’m a Dj. Okay, so far, so good, I do not think we have anything to say. But when it comes to parties… in London, things are different. I am 100% Wallachian (the mother from Arges, father from Prahova) is accustomed to a single or better without accent, but I met many people from Moldavia, Banat, Transylvania etc. In the Moldovan chapter, and more precisely Bucovina-Suceava, things are a little more complicated because people or at least some people (not all of them) have a very strong accent for me, they talk with regionalisms and somehow you who are from another area, you get a little tangled…

This is what happened at a party, namely a baptism, where the majority of people were from Suceava (when I say the majority, except the guests, I and two waiters who were from different regions). A gentleman at the party, he wanted to explain to me a little story as often as he could get me out for a cigarette. I do not mind that the man is drunk, he comes to me, everyone has fun as he thinks it fits. I do not mind having an accent and if from bucovina / moldova (once again I say that I have nothing with the Moldavians) only that this man spoke very fast, and with a very strong focus on full regionalism. It was the first time I felt like I wanted to speak with a Romanian in English, and I had to (common sense) laugh at certain things because I did not understand much what he was saying and guiding myself after his laughter, he started to laugh and then my brain said, “it’s time, that was a joke.” I cannot figure out if that man was talking like that in his daily life or just when he was a bit drunk, his focus was changing, and it was already a kind of a morse code between him, his relatives and me, and I looked around being like, “I do not know what he said, but if everyone likes to laugh, I laugh too.”

Concludingly, I would like to extend my heart to all of you, regardless of the area you are part of, when you see that the person with whom you have a conversation is from another area, try to speak without regionalism or at least slower so that the other can catch at least 50% of the idea you want to share. Thank you and I hope I did not bother anyone, I do not write this badly but on the contrary, I want everyone to understand that there is no racism between areas but just misunderstanding.

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